Seoul City Business Directory

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and it has a population of around 97.8 lakhs. Climate in Seoul is cold and dry in winters and hot and humid in summers. Seoul is renowned for cultural and artistic allures. Some of the exotic places we must reconnoiter when we are in the Seoul city are

1.Bukchon Hanok Village: It is known for its indigenous culture and unique historic architecture. Here you can see traditional Korean houses and traditional Korean crafts. Also, you can explore some old museums over here.

2.National Museum of Korea: It is one of the largest museums in Asia and here you can see ancient aircrafts, paintings, artworks, sculptures and antique objects collection.

3.Lotte World Tower: is a skyscraper in South Korea and it is the tallest building in South Korea, and it is 500 meters above the ground. It is often called as Seoul Sky.

4. Gyeongbokgung Palace: it is one of the largest palaces in Seoul and is renowned for its antiques and artworks.

5. Seoul Tower: It is 500 meters above the city, and you can see all of the Seoul city from this tower. There are numerous gift shops and two restaurants in this tower.

Some of the lip smacking traditional and local food that we can relish when we are in Seoul are Bibimbap, Kimchi, Bulgogi, Samgyetang, Grilled galbi, Jeon, Haemultang, Soju and Ginseng Wine.

Exploring Seoul through public transport includes Subway trains, buses and Taxi ride.

Seoul is a city in Korea, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here. Following are some of the localities in Seoul: Bangbaebon Dong, Buk Gu, Daerim Dong, Dobong Gu, Dongdaemun Gu, Dong Gu, Dongjak Gu, Gangbuk Gu